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About Me

Firstly, a little about myself!
I am a native ‘Deaf’ BSL user, who also has the use of a cochlear implant, which allows me to become bi-lingual. Which ultimately means I can manage in both the hearing world and Deaf world with more ease, where I use sign language with Deaf clients and use my speech to communicate with hearing clients I work for. At present I work on a pert-time basis at a well-established Nursery, but have always wanted to move onto becoming a freelance Nanny/carer.
It has always been an interest and fascination of my native language and appreciated the complexity and the beauty of the language which I use on a daily basis, that being British Sign Language. I often take the opportunity to explore the depth of this language, which has always been an interest of mine since I could remember.

You lead a busy life, and I am here to alleviate some of your daily stress. Whether you’re looking for someone to babysit for a few hours or overnight, I’m the Nanny you’ve been looking for. I offer a variety of childcare services, so please browse the options below and get in touch with any questions.

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My Religion & Culture

As a proud, Deaf Muslim woman, I believe I am a role model to those who identify with my religion or Deaf identity, and have found this includes children from various cultures and backgrounds and am proud to be involved in a team of diverse practitioners. 

I strongly believe that we all should celebrate culture and diversity, particularly from a young age, and being Deaf myself, I believe that I bring a new perspective on communication.

I can easily read body language and facial expressions, which I believe does help to lessen the frustration in children who have not yet developed sign or oral abilities. I wish to empower the children as well as the adults to seek the appropriate access to education and employment whenever and wherever I can, and endeavour to continue my own personal development, skills and experience whilst working in this field.

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Qualifications and documents:

I presently hold a level II in childcare and working toward a level III in Childcare.  I am also registered with OFSTED and the business is covered with a Public Liability insurance.

Why did I setup as a freelance Nanny/childcare provider?

Well! It was mostly because the aim of this business is to work with a mixture of Deaf parents and their children, as well as hearing families as demanded.


Whilst working in this field I have noticed the gap in services for Deaf families and thought it an excellent opening to provide this type of service for both Deaf and hearing families who would prefer to have their child/children to be cared for in the home environment. 

My work with young children has given me an insight into, and knowledge of how a child learns BSL. I feel that this would help me to be a good and empathic deaf role model to deaf children as well as working with hearing as I do now.  I feel it is important that our Deaf children have the opportunity to interact with confident, achieving their full potential with Deaf adults as role models.

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Travel/Areas covered:

I am more than happy to travel in and around the Bristol region, including; City of Bristol, North Somerset, Bath, North East Somerset and South Gloucestershire. 
(This will of course be subject to mileage costs to and from premises).

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I am motivated by the challenges of any given situation and feel a sense of achievement at the end of a task. I do not think that other people are so different and we all have our place in the world. Motivation can take on many forms and it is vital to understand the client group I am working with at the time, in order to understand their motivation. A well-motivated role model, is an infectious thing!

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I know how difficult it can be to find the right Nanny for your child. I work hard and responsibly to make sure families are satisfied with my services. Read a selection of testimonials from parents I‘ve worked with in the past, and feel free to contact me if you have a review of your own you’d like to see featured on my page.


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Contact me

Please get in touch to book any of my services. I would be more than happy to accommodate any special requests, or specific family needs.

07518470108 (sms or whatsapp) 01275402778 (phone)

Tax Free Childcare

I am a registered Tax Free Childcare provider.
My Regulator Reference is: 2608691


You can sign up for Tax Free Childcare if you are eligible: help to pay for childcare costs with money from the Government.

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"I have known Ambreen for quite a few years. 
Our son is Autistic and Ambreen is the only person we have trusted with our child

outside of our family circle, due to the level of his needs.
She is a great nanny, I would highly recommend her services."



"Ambreen has looked after my children from when they were 3 and 5.I have one Deaf child and one hearing and she was able to communicate well with both of them - unlike most other babysitters we had had. She is reliable, punctual and completely trustworthy. I highly recommend her."

Counsellor / Therapist
Pronouns: she/her

"Ambreen has looked after our son since he was a baby. She is very reliable, trustworthy and flexible- she has gone the extra mile to cover our childcare at the last minute whenever she can. We trust Ambreen totally with our son's care."


"During the years I have known Ambreen, I have always found her to be very gentle, and thoughtful.

Ambreen has looked after my nephew on many occasions, during which time they have thoroughly enjoyed her company. Ambreen has a natural ability to get on with and relate to children, showing them so much understanding and kindness.

Ambreen has a lovely nature, she is a pleasure to know, a genuine friend I trust totally."



"Ambreen is such a lovely person and a great practitioner. She treats the children with respect and is always there to help them when they need it. She is kind hearted and is always working hard to ensure the children’s needs are met. Ambreen is one of the best people I have ever worked with! She always listens and gives me a helping hand when it is needed. I know I can rely on her for anything and am always grateful that I have been able to work with her for over a year."


"I really happy that I found Ambreen. She is big help for me specially in the morning. As it s really hard to find childcare provider for early hours. Ambreen really lovely and nice and responsible lady my boys really enjoys Ambreen company. I am really highly recomend Ambreen"


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07518470108 (SMS or Whatsapp) 01275402778 (phone)

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